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We believe that creativity enriches people’s lives.

BLOCK T aspires to influence societal change through cultural engagement

BLOCK T is an artistic and social enterprise and a one stop shop for all things creative


To provide a professionally managed creative cluster in Dublin 8, offering more support and facilities to our Members for the development of their own creative potential. 


To host and produce high quality artistic and cultural programming for the public.

To connect with people from diverse disciplines through various programmes and projects in order to showcase collaboration as a dynamic, effective approach in developing business & culture.


To become an advocate for creative practitioners and entrepreneurs demonstrating their value to the reimagining of global urban environments.



"(BLOCK T) is an inspirational project managed by creative and enthusiastic staff. We believe that their work will contribute to foster innovation and creativity in the city..."

Hugh Fitzpatrick - SEO, Office of International Relations, Dublin City Council


Winner of the David Manley Emerging Arts Entrepreneur Award 2013
Winner of the Dublin Contemporary Noone Casey Mentorship Award 2011

Winner of the 'Cultural Attraction of the Year' at the Dublin Living Awards 2011

Finalist for 'People's Choice' at the Dublin Living Awards 2011

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