Acrylic Pouring Workshop with Artist Mia Dove // Saturday October 23rd // 10:00 - 16:00


Acrylic Pouring has become more and more popular over the past few years , leading to an explosion of interest in the artform. This 1 day workshop is perfect for anyone who has been curious about this new art medium and/or anyone who is keen to explore their own creative endeavours.

Mia Dove will instruct in the nature of Acrylic Pouring, how it came to be and dive into the mechanics behind it. Learn about the materials involved and how to prepare them, and how to use these techniques to culminate in some breath-taking and unique works of art. After an instructive introduction each participant will create five pieces on canvas - which can be taken home once they have dried.

After the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of the process and development of Acrylic Pouring as well as learning several techniques that they can build upon in further classes and even at home by themselves. No prior experience is necessary as this is something that anyone can dive into and learn!




 All your materials will be provided for you, we only recommend wearing clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting a little paint on. Or bring an apron to wear over your clothing.

 We will break for lunch for 1 hour


These classes will take place in our new building at 25-27 Bow Lane West, Dublin 8. The classroom is spacious with good ventilation, & all COVID safety protocols must be adhered to throughout the class. Each participant must wear a mask throughout, and all work stations will be spaced apart. Each participant must sign a contact tracing form on arrival.

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