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Atelier Drawing & Painting Summer School 2021

Figure Drawing Morning Session // Monday August 9th - Friday August 13th // 10:00 - 12:30

Figure Painting Afternoon Session // Monday August 9th - Friday August 13th // 14:00 - 16:30

This summer BLOCK T Studios & the artist Nicholas Robinson are offering the opportunity to experience an overview of traditional atelier training in the drawing and painting of the figure.  Atelier methods focus on training artists in fundamental techniques of draughtsmanship and painting and is a proven way to bring artists’ ability to new levels. 


The instructor is Nicholas Robinson, a graduate and award winner of the Florence Academy of Art, Sweden.

Figure-drawing: Students draw from the figure in pencil or charcoal. The instruction aims to enable the artist to use line, tone and contour to develop a greater accuracy in their drawing ability. The overall goal is for the artist to see their drawing as a unified whole as opposed to a collection of parts and details.  Dates: Monday August 9th - Friday August 13th // 10:00 - 12:30 (12.5 hours)

Figure-painting: Students are introduced to the fundamentals of figure-painting in oil paint. Instruction is based on the student’s seeing, mixing and painting accurate colours which best describe the light, form and gesture of the model. 

Dates: Monday August 9th - Friday August 13th // 14:00 - 16:30 (12.5 hours)

The model’s pose will be kept over the entire session which offers the maximum time to study all aspects of the figure in either drawing or painting or both. Class sizes are strictly limited to 10 students.  The instructor works alongside each student, explaining techniques and offering critiques.

By the completion of the summer school participants will have a clear understanding of the techniques and steps involved in painting and drawing in the atelier method, as well as increased levels of observational skill. No prior experience is necessary, only a strong interest in drawing and painting from life. Participants are welcome to join for either the drawing session, painting session, or both.



                         FIGURE PAINTING AFTERNOON SESSION: €220

                         BOTH SESSIONS: €400


These classes will take place in our new building at 25-27 Bow Lane West, Dublin 8. The classroom is spacious with good ventilation, & all COVID safety protocols must be adhered to throughout the class. Each participant must wear a mask throughout, and all work stations will be spaced apart. Each participant must sign a contact tracing form on arrival.

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