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Here's some photos of the Big BLOCK T Move Out 2016. It's been one crazy busy month, we have vacated over 70+ studio spaces, our office and classrooms and storage and all of our THINGS (we have so many things). It took us 6 truck loads, 2 vans and a dozen car loads to get out of that building, but *phew* WE DID IT, and we are settling in to our new home nicely in Basin View. It hasn't been easy - we have been building literally on top of all our belongings and there's been many a late night painting roof tiles and toilets, but, as they say, slowly slowly catchy monkey - we are getting there. A massive shout out to all those who have volunteered with us and given us a dig out with setting up the space so far, your contribution is greatly appreciated, and welcome to the BLOCK T Family!


Workspace, Education, Community Projects


The move out from our home in Smithfield Square has made us think a lot about the value of cultural and creative community spaces, and their important role in actively contributing to the life of a local area and people around them. We are excited about the new beginning for BLOCK T and are really looking forward to seeing how we can integrate into the community here in Dublin 8. We've received really warm welcomes so far which has given us all some good positive vibes. There are plenty of community groups and other cultural neighbours in the parameters of the local area, including St Pats and James Hospital, Educate Together Primary School, National College of Art and Design, Guinness Storehouse, Our Farm, Grow Dome (and many more!), with some of themse groups already expressing interest in future collaborative projects. We are psyched! 


The new BLOCK T building will be a more open, shared collaborative workspace, including a mix of studios, pods, hotdesks and open work stations, which will be a nice change to the corridors of Haymarket. We already *nearly* have a full house, and our workspaces are just about ready to go, after weeks of knocking down and rebuilding walls, painting, sanding, polyfillering, scrubing, and more. We will have creatives from all walks of life with us in the space including performers, community workers, artists, festival organisers, designers, model makers, music and video production. We love our eclectic creative BLOCK T family!


We are hoping that BLOCK T at Basin View will also be an alternative educational hub for SKILLSETS, offering a variety of courses and workshops from drawing, painting, sewing, animation, design software, upcycling, DIY, creative writing, performance, animation, and lots more. We have already gotten off to a great start with a weekend workshop of oil painting with a live model over the May bank holiday weekend. Needless to say there are plenty of exciting things to come, we know our team are hungry to learn some new skills this summer, and we hope you are too - so keep your eyes peeled and ears open for all our latest SKILLSETS news here on our website. 


Funding Campaign Update


Our funding campaign is still on the go, we are just over our half way mark and we need another big push so we can reach our target of €15000. All proceeds raised from our campaign will go to costs of labour, materials and building work in the new space, as well as materials for our classroom and educational programme. Your money will help BLOCK T survive throughout this big move, allowing us to continue to do what we do best, providing Dublin with a cultural and creative facility which supports the arts while actively contributing to the life of a local community. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has donated and shown support to us so far, your contributions mean a lot to us.


We are now calling out to everyone again to please donate if you can spare some change. We have some amazing rewards on offer, so be sure to check those out on our campaign description. Support culture in Dublin, support BLOCK T, Be part of the change.







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