creative writing 6 week workshop @ block t

Creative Writing // A 6 week course with writer Aiden O'Reilly @ BLOCK T Studios // starts Wednesday August 25th // 18:30 - 20:30


The course could be just the ticket for writers stuck in a rut, or those just starting out, those who need a hands-on approach, and those who have been working away too much on their own. We’ve had bloggers and non-fiction writers on the course before: they benefit from the techniques often thought of as belonging to fiction writing.

The course takes the approach that writing is a craft with a toolbox of techniques at your disposal.

Enhance you creative/critiquing skillset & knock your writing into shape!


This course will take place every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks @ BLOCK T Studios, Dublin 8. The class will also be presented online via Zoom so a virtual option is available for those not wishing or unable to attend in person


Tutor Bio:

Aiden O'Reilly's short story collection Greetings, Hero was published in 2014. His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in The Irish Times, the Dublin Review, Litro Magazine London, Winter Papers, The Stinging Fly, and many other places.

He has held writing workshops at Block T, and the IWC, for the TCD literary society and at various literary festivals.

Please Note: These classes will take place in our new building at 25-27 Bow Lane West, Dublin 8. The classroom is spacious with good ventilation, & all COVID safety protocols must be adhered to throughout the class. Each participant must wear a mask throughout, and all work stations will be spaced apart.  Each participant must sign a contact tracing form on arrival.