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For the second year, BLOCK T have collaborated with Fingal Arts Council to award a free studio and exhibition to recent graduates of the Visual Arts. This year's recipients are Alex De Roeck (NCAD) and Paddy Joe Rickard (IADT) . Alex and Paddy will receive a free studio in BLOCK T and an exhibition opportunity in 2016. 


Leisure Complex (m&m&m&m&m)" (detail), 2015 : Mixed Media

I think…


My work attempts to create dialogues and infrastructures with aspects of ideology connected to existentialism, morality, the absurd and anxiety. My work composes itself through methods of spontaneous and instinctual decision making, combining and creating makeshift solutions, shifting content and context to create new meanings ranging from my own personal existence to contemporary social issues surrounding existence. My work combines elements of 2d and 3d in an attempt to extend beyond the image, with the use of found objects, industrial materials and drawing to create frameworks for disparate entities to co-exist. I want the work to blend the psychological and the physical in synchronisation while deploying  tactics associated with theatre (e.g. tragicomedy, theatrical clichés) to create multidimensional scenarios.  I am interested in areas of the carnivalesque, monumentality, anthropomorphism and semiotics, simultaneously referencing each to depict somewhat of a fictionalised degeneracy.


But I could be wrong…



Untitled (Harlequin) Approx 35 x 50 cm, Chalk

Paddy Joe Rickard graduated with a First Class Honours in Visual Arts Practice from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in 2015. His practice stems from an interest in the in-between: the tensions of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, representation and abstraction. His paintings and sculptures reference his surroundings, landscapes, objects and reality, whilst still retaining loose formal devices and colours. Recent exhibitions include, IADT Graduate Exhibition, Dun Laoghaire (2015), The Beholders Share, IMMA (2015), Have a Nice Life, Helsinki (2014), An Awkward Encounter, Helsinki (2014). He has been Shortlisted for the Talbot Gallery and Studios Most Promising Graduate Award 2015, Ormond Studio Graduate Residency Award 2015 and has recently been awarded with the Fingal Graduate Award 2015 in Partnership with BLOCK T.  

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