"This is a very special and exciting occasion which allows the rich and diverse community of Smithfield to share their many wonderful cultures and traditions. I would like to congratulate all those involved in the organisation of this special and imaginative event."


President Michael D. Higgins 

Established by BLOCK T, LINK Culturefest was a weekend long festival held in 2012. Its aim was to celebrate and showcase the culture, art and people that make up the diverse community that exists in Smithfield and its surrounding areas. Between the 25th and 27th of May 2012, LINK Culturefest hosted local and international artists, musicians, performers and curators in a series of events for the public. The opening night of the festival saw the launch of a large scale exhibition which featured over 100 artists, as well musical events in St Michan's Church and the Joinery, the festival was officially launched by Counsellor Padraig McLoughlin and Actor Stephen Rea. 


The three day programme featured Art Exhibitions, Live Concerts, Open Studios, Performances, Screenings and other Pop Up events. These events were hosted in up to 20 different buildings around the area between Stoneybatter and Capel Street, including the local galleries and studio spaces of the participating organisations, and various empty buildings, breathing new life into these vacant properties.


We were delighted to have welcomed three international partners to this festival, Chateau de Servieres in Marseille, Castelo d'If and Plataforma Revolver in Lisbon from which 20 selected artists were hosted by locally based artists and studio spaces in Dublin. This project was a pilot model for the possibility of further developing a transnational exchange programme. LINK Culturefest facilitated a dialogue between art spaces and professionals in the area, with the purpose of developing lasting national and international relationships across the cultural field. 


BLOCK T presented LINK Culturefest with a number of partners who have been integral in the establishment of a thriving cultural and creative community in this area. These friends include The Joinery, NAS (New Art Studio), bio.space 033, The Complex, Lighthouse Cinema, Market Studios / Unit H, Supafast Building, Ormond Studios, Brunswick Mill Studios, Flat Pack Studios, The Chancery Studios, Visual Arts Centre, The Little Green Street Gallery, The Lilliput Press, Loom Studios, Satellite Studios and support from d.ploy. 


LINK Culturefest was kindly supported by Dublin City Council, The Arts Council, The French Embassy in Ireland and Smithfield Area Business Association. 


LINK Culturefest Promo Video, 2012