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BLOCK T's Team are talented people. They share their skills and expertise in a creative context. They are engaged with arts and culture, locally, nationally and internationally and believe creative practice positively contributes to society. 


They want a collaborative team environment that adds value to their experiences and supports their efforts. They are culturally aware and are willing to participate in a dialogue between the creative industries and communities to promote more sustainable lifestyle solutions. They are in favour of a culture of experimentation, connecting, exchanging, clustering and creating. 


They want an inclusive approach to creative services and cultural programming that guarantee high quality output in an informal setting. They are socially conscious and ready to try things out, to extend their intellectual boundaries. Always connected, across multiple platforms, they value being part of a collective idea. 


They are informed, involved and entertained. They are committing time and energy, and want to see the results of their contributions as Cultural Shareholders. They are unique, they are authentic and most importantly they are BLOCK T's people. 


Chris Cullen

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BLOCK T Managing Director

He Grows One Hell of a Beard

Laura Dovn

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BLOCK T Co-Founder, Director

Speaks with an Accent

Grace McEvoy

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BLOCK T Co-founder

Simon McKeagney

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Co-Founder, Activist

He Will Change The World

Ben Readman

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Co-Founder, Teacher

One Talented Painter


Joe Salam

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Co-Founder, Promoter

Hugable, Loveable Bear

Lili Heller

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Co-Founder, Teacher, Painter

Bright and Shiny

Nick Linders

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Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

He Means Business

Killian Kehoe

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Chairman of the Board

Official Worrier...don't let that cheeky smile fool you!

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