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BLOCK T is an independent artistic enterprise and one stop shop for all things creative, based in Smithfield, Dublin 7 since 2010. 


From our modest beginnings in Tully's Tiles warehouse with only 12 artist studios, it has grown into a 26,000 square ft studio and workshop space with Hotdesks, Classrooms, Photography Darkroom, Meeting Rooms and over 70 creative studio spaces that currently house over 120 Members. 


Over the past five years we have produced over 700 projects, workshops, events and exhibitions that have engaged with over 800 artists and Members. We have welcomed over 150,000 visitors to our buildings and the Smithfield area through our facilities, cultural programming and Skillsets, an alternative learning platform. We believe education is paramount to personal development and high quality of life, and to date we have mentored and consulted over 5,000 hours to students, creative individuals, businesses and organisations. 


We have piloted numerous pop up projects, including The Coffee Dispensary, BLOCK T Gallery, Hotdesk Hub, Screenprinting Studio (Damn Fine Print) and Venue Space, which we are currently looking at establishing long term. 


We have received great attention from the press and have been featured in a variety of media and news outlets including The Guardian, The Irish Times, National Geographic, RTE, TV3, ARTE, Al Jazeera, Totally Dublin, Le Cool and much more. 


Collaboration is a cornerstone of our business strategy, by expanding our collaborative networks we minimise competition and maximise brand recognition and reach. This collaborative approach enriches our business portfolio and enables us to provide a greater range of services and high quality resources. We have collaborated with and facilitated local businesses, colleges, non for profits and other art and cultural organisations including Lighthouse Cinema, Generator Hostel Dublin, Jameson Distillery, Upstart, Dublin Flea, Guinness Storehouse, Red Bull Music Academy, All City Records, Nialler9, Ensemble Music, Fringe Festival, Electric Picnic Festival, Body & Soul Festival, Offset and many many more.


BLOCK T's innovative operational business model demonstrates our commitment to developing viable and stable income streams which will directly fund our innitiatives. These initiatives support creative start ups and their entrepreneurial spirit within the cultural and creative industries as well as our education and cultural programmes for the public.


Our adaptable business model demonstrates how our policy of 'for profit - to reinvest' further strengthens our ability to envision a long term future as a real contributor to the social development and regeneration of Smithfield and Dublin's North Inner City.


We believe in empowering creative people do what they do best, in the process we have also inspired ourselves to earn a living from what we do best, and what we are genuinely passionate about. We are commited to acting as a catalyst for individual talent, and we have proved our dedication to these ideals over the last five years. After over 600 litres of paint, 16 skip loads of decaying furniture, 817 changed lightbulbs, 40,000 wristbands and 1 horse tied outside the building, we are still in love with what we do. 




BLOCK T was founded by a group of seven. Coming from different backgrounds and skill base, we brought unique expertise to this multi faceted project. Each one of us has a passion for community and culture and upholds the belief that creativity needs to be nourished and supported for the greater good of society. 


The co-founding team were brought together with the united cause of an independent social and cultural project. Some of the co-founders had been working as professional artists, educators and managers for numerous projects and businesses in the artistic and hospitality sectors, and some others were recent graduates of NCAD.


BLOCK T Co-founders are:


Laura Garbataviciute-Dovn, Ben Readman, Joe Salam,

Simon Mckeagney, Grace McEvoy, Nick Linders, Lili Heller

BLOCK T Our First Year

Stats, Memories and Achievements of Our First Year

LINK Culturefest Promo

Celebrating the Life, Culture and People of Smithfield and it's surrounding areas, 2012

BLOCK T & Dublin Flea Christmas Cracker Market

A look back on BLOCK T and Dublin Flea's Biggest Christmas Flea Market in Smithfield Square 

BLOCK T 5th Birthday All Day Party


Mystical Anarchism

Mystical Anarchism

Clodagh Emoe & Simon Critchley

BLOCK T at Electric Picnic

BLOCK T at Electric Picnic

Programming & Curation

LINK Culturefest

LINK Culturefest


OKO Album Launch

OKO Album Launch

Event Production

I Have A Lot of Feelings

I Have A Lot of Feelings

Exhibition & Visual Arts Programme

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