BLOCK T currently houses 6 individual studios, 4 workpods, and 10 hotdesking spaces for artists, designers, freelancers, and other cultural independents to avail of in its premises in Dublin 8. The building is accessible 24/7, with high speed internet connection and a communal kitchen area. 


BLOCK T members avail of special discounted access to our courses and workshops, as well as classroom hire and other opportunities within the organisation.


Studio Membership rates range between approx. €150 and €350 per month depending on the size of the studio.


If you are interested in applying for Studio Membership or would like an appointment to drop in, email


"I've loved the freedom of having my own space within BLOCK T. Just being able to close the door and focus on my printmaking in peace and quiet has been a major boost"


-Steve Doogan, Illustrator & Designer

"BLOCK T has inspired my work in so many ways. The Management Team are proactive and creative at coming up with interesting ideas for courses and events and at sharing opportunities for the Member Artists. Since being in BLOCK T my work has been seen by curators who have put it into shows. I've also made some really close friends within BLOCK T that I've been able to collaborate with on projects/ideas."


-Erin Quinn, Photographer

"I moved into BLOCK T last October and it has been really valuable meeting like-minded people both in and outside of my field. The casual encounters and conversations with people in the kitchen and common area have been a source of uplift which cannot be underestimated. Working as an editor can be a little solitary and these brief chats that often involve people describing my work sometimes help to refine my thoughts about what it is I am working on communicating and also what triggers a reaction in people."


-Eavan Aiken, Filmmaker